Who We Are

eVuna is Digital Marketplace that aims to reduce the risk for Enterprises and Financial Service Providers to transact with Small Holder Farmers (Farmer) to enable higher yields for Farmers.

Our Purpose

eVuna started in Tanzania in 2019 and2021 Uganda. eVuna’s 5 Year Goal is to have 1,200,000 active farmers and 10,000 village based agents (VBAs) who represent the last mile network.

Our Uniqueness

We are Network & implementation partner agnostic; Extensive experience implementing solutions in complex, resource-limited settings at scale.

eVuna is a Mezzanine initiative.

Mezzanine delivers digital solutions to companies doing business in Africa. With an estimated 800 million mobile subscribers in Africa, we view mobile technology as a major enabler for creating productive societies. We deliver mobile, IoT and digital solutions that cut costs, increase efficiency, improve risk management, and provide unrivaled access to users across the continent.

We work with mobile network operators, government departments, development agencies, research experts, and other technology service providers to co-create solutions in the industries of agriculture, health, social services, education, and utilities and financial management.

By providing access to the digital knowledge economy, financial inclusion, quality inputs and secured off-take through formal and other contracts, these farms can increase their gross income by 70-80%. This equates to an average $600 increase per farmer per annum, providing jobs and lifting millions out of poverty, especially women and the youth.

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Agriculture in Africa

Our Vision

We have a bold vision to transform agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa by giving small-holder farmers access to farming inputs, finance, markets & knowledge. eVuna is a for-profit, social impact platform provider.

As a platform provider, we charge a percentage fee to the enterprises on the platform while helping to drive value and impact down to the smallholder farmer. The farmer does not pay to use or interact on the platform.

The Context

The proportion of the African labour force employed in agriculture
0 %
The proportion of the world's unused arable land is in Africa
0 %
The contribution of agriculture to the continent's gross domestic product
0 %
The maximum proportion of small-holder farmers linked to formal value chains
0 %


African crop yields vs. the global average*


The Opportunity

A market with largely unmet needs
77 million households rely on agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
13% of these are using digital agriculture (D4Ag) solutions *
The value of the total addressable D4Ag market is $2.5 billion (2018)
Estimated sector revenue of $120 – 160 million
Between 2% and 5% of SHFs in SSA have access to credit
The unmet demand for credit by SHFs in SSA is estimated at $11 billion

Farmer Challenge

Access to inputs (credit),
information, finance, buyers

Supplier Challenge

Access to the channel and to
data to inform product &
service design, pricing and
decision making

Source: CTAD4Ag Report 2018-2019.
* 33m small holders and pastoralists have registered (not actively using) with all D4Ag solutions = 13% of SH farmers market of $253m

The Problem

All stakeholders in an agricultural value chain ultimately revolve around the smallholder farmer and her ability to consume and produce. The common challenge across this value chain is the lack of access to data, credit, farming inputs, information and digital services.


You can’t plan
without data


Can’t access, too
expensive; bad

On-farm production

No information;
poor support






Can’t easily
schedule and

Access to Markets

Who can you sell

The solution: digital platforms

Digital platforms allow ecosystem stakeholders and smallholder farmers to interact with each other and to transact at a lower cost by optimising supply and demand.